Artwork Guidelines

Files format details:

Preferred files are supplied in EPS or PDF;
We also accept print-ready Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Images and Text files;
Printing Colour mode: CMYK (design elements and images);
Recommended Resolution: 300 dpi;

Vector artwork: Vector is preferred to achieve better results. Please check below:


Digital Printing colour mode:

To be able to be printed all artwork requires CMYK Printing Process conversion;
For accurate colour matching, we recommend using the 'Pantone Solid Coated' range;

Additional Layout format details:

To achieve the best quality we might adequate your file to the required patterns;
Safe Zone: We work with a Security Margin to avoid trim text or design elements;
Bleed: Some products require bleed (eg.: background images or design elements);




- Minimum Font Sizes recommended to be readable after print:

Printed on white background: minimum of 6 points
Printed on coloured background: minimum of 8 points
Please ensure your text is not too small or unable to read.

- Font type/ family:

In all situations, we can always achieve better print quality if we use the Sans Serif Font.

- Outlined Text (Outlines/Paths/Curves):

This means that we will have a vector artwork and, as such, can no longer be spell checked. However, this will avoid other problems like similar font replacement that can change the artwork completely. Please ensure that your text is outlined before save;


Name List


To supply a list of names from Microsoft Excel, to ensure that your data is laid out in the correct format, please use our name list template available;

Name List Template Download

Note: When you place your order online, please remember to update the quantity in the shopping cart according to the amount of name/s in the XLS uploaded;


Additional info


- Quality Dome Coatings:

Products that have Quality Coating creates a three-dimensional domed appearance that might show a reflection perception according to the material colour and background.

- Minimum Domed/ Long Term Stickers Sizes:

The minimum size that allows the doming process is 1cm2 using standard shapes.

- Previous material Colour matching:

We updgrade our machinery regularly. If you wish your job to be colour match to a previous run by AJ Parkes, please let us know before approving your job. (Please note: AJ Parkes will not take responsibility for materials that do not match previous print runs if we have not been made aware before approval);


Responsibility and content liability - Supply of Information

AJ Parkes website allows you to order online and upload any content required for your final product. Uploading company logos, images name list or other to AJ Parkes website is performed entirely at your own discretion and will be entirely your responsibility for any possible spelling mistake or incorrect information supplied.

AJ Parkes is committed to a high-quality standard; therefore, we strongly suggest to you validate all your content information before confirming your order online: name spelling, office addresses and any other required content. In the absence of any explicit statement to the contrary, the name list uploaded with your order will be printed as is.

If you have any further questions, or require assistance, please contact us at 1800 777 125 or email us or you can also use our Live Chat system to have an instant answer to your question.

Thanks for your business!

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