120 years of history is not something we take for granted. The experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years is definitely something that defines our way of doing business. We believe that technology and innovation walk side by side with growth and expansion whilst we invest all of our efforts to deliver the latest innovative ideas in the industry.

For us, customer satisfaction is key, and that is why we offer the highest quality control in all of our orders. We believe that quality is always our main priority up until your final product is delivered. We guarantee that every client that receives our product will feel appreciated, and that they have experienced excellent service and value for money.

Continuously thinking of our customers, we developed a smart and practical way to design our range of products. It’s online, quick and easy. Our design editor makes your life easier and guides you to build an unique and customized product.

Our highly skilled team, works every day to deliver the best for our customers. Creativity, open minds and hard work are the magical ingredients that build the trust and loyalty our clients engage with our company.

Quality, technology, innovation and tradition are our most valued principles that drives our actions and thoughts every day at AJ Parkes. We believe that these key values are what makes us the leader in the industry, and is also what makes our constant growth and success a reality.




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