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AJ Parkes School Badge Plus

School Badge Plus

Photo of School Badge Plus

School Badge Plus Size: 48x9mm

Our School Badge Plus is a bigger rectangular school badge with plenty of room for longer text. A perfect alternative for School Badge with Border. With two background colour to customise, you can have more variations on your school badge design.

School Badge Plus Features:

  • Full colour printing of background colour and text
  • Metallic colour print on Gold or Silver text
  • Two background colours to customise
  • Wide range of font options and colours
  • Quality brooch fitting riveted to badge
  • Scratch and fade-proof polyurethane coating
  • No set up fees & no design fees
  • Quantity based prices
Design Your Badge Now

Design Tips

  • Avoid using Gold Text on Yellow Background to increase legibility
  • If you require PMS colours to be printed, please use our PMS colour swatch
  • The brushed gold or silver background is more suitable for dark text colours (black, navy blue, maroon, etc)
  • Please ensure that your text length will fit your selected badge
  • Use UPPERCASE text rather than Sentence Case

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School Badge Plus Price List

Quantity Ex. GST Incl. GST
Each $5.64 $6.20
500+ POA POA

All Prices Include Clear Dome Coating and Brooch fitting.

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Don't Worry! One of our graphic designers will check every badge before printing.
We will always line up or centralise text based on your design.