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Identification Products Catalogue Downloads
Below is a list of our brochures and publications available for download...
Name badges Brochure Name badges brochure prices  - 2016 1 MB

Name badge and Medals catalog

AJ Parkes main catalogue with all product range.
Name badges, school badges, medals and other identification products.


Multiple Name Badges Templates :
Name badges Brochure
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To import a list of names from Microsoft Excel, you must first ensure that your data is laid out in the correct format. Click on the green icon to downaload a template.

Once your spreadsheet is ready for import, you can:

- copy and paste the data into the form under the field of the badge design online page,
- or upload it with the "Upload bulk text file.

Please, remember to update the quantity in the shopping cart according to the amount of name.
If you still have any issue, you can send your file to with your details.